5 Ways Technology is Being Used to Improve Card Games!

You might not be thinking about it but technology is actually being used all the time to change everything around us, from the smallest things like the bags we use to carry goods from the store, to the water we drink. 

It is safe to assume that with that, card games are also being changed by technology, though most people don’t know how. Here is how technology is being used to change and improve card games and cards in general.

Cheaper Cards – Mass Production

Cards, when they were first invented, were toys for the rich people, hand-painted and hand-made. Today, everything is cheaper, especially the things that are built by machines. Mass production makes everything cheaper and more accessible. Playing cards are no exception.

When cards are cut and printed by machines, the margin of error for cards being the wrong size or having bad paint, are much lower. This means that we get a more perfect deck of cards. This is more important for casinos where standardization is required, but some players love a factory-made deck.

New Card Games

Technology allows us to enjoy card games which were built using computers. Digital card games like Gwent, Shadowverse, Yu-Gi-Oh! and others, are only possible because we have computers. Compared to other 3D games, 2D card games are very easy to create. 

There are even card game engines, where you can create your own 2D card game using a standard deck. You make the rules and the engine will supply you with the cards and animations. You can test the game immediately and see whether the rules are fair and the system is working. 

Better Refereeing

Card game tournaments, in person and online, need referees. Today, referees are actually systems which help the dealers and other involved parties spot cheaters and anyone who might be trying to sway the odds in their favor by using methods which are not appreciated. 

Cheaters will be spotted from the first moment that they show that they are helping someone or getting a helping hand from a device or another person. Better cameras and monitoring systems help keep card games somewhat fair. 

Online Card Games

Communities grow and shift to a more digital presence. Online card games allow players to always have someone to play with, even if that someone is in a different time zone, thousands of miles away. 

Online card games basically allow everyone to play almost any card game and always have the company to do so. Some have implemented chat and voice chat, to enhance the gameplay and bring back some of the socializing that would otherwise be lost. 

The Possibility of VR Card Games

This is probably the next step in improving card games, specifically online card games. VR gaming should make everything easier for the player who wants an immersive and realistic experience, but without organizing a card night. 

VR would enable socialization and immersion in a way which was unavailable prior to its implementation, other than the real thing, of course. 

Technology improves everything, from the food we eat, the water we drink, to the games we play. Technology improved card games, even though most thought that they didn’t need any improvement. The future of playing cards is looking better by the day.