5 Ways Technology is Being Used to Improve Card Games!

You might not be thinking about it but technology is actually being used all the time to change everything around us, from the smallest things like the bags we use to carry goods from the store, to the water we drink. 

It is safe to assume that with that, card games are also being changed by technology, though most people don’t know how. Here is how technology is being used to change and improve card games and cards in general.

Cheaper Cards – Mass Production

Cards, when they were first invented, were toys for the rich people, hand-painted and hand-made. Today, everything is cheaper, especially the things that are built by machines. Mass production makes everything cheaper and more accessible. Playing cards are no exception.

When cards are cut and printed by machines, the margin of error for cards being the wrong size or having bad paint, are much lower. This means that we get a more perfect deck of cards. This is more important for casinos where standardization is required, but some players love a factory-made deck.

New Card Games

Technology allows us to enjoy card games which were built using computers. Digital card games like Gwent, Shadowverse, Yu-Gi-Oh! and others, are only possible because we have computers. Compared to other 3D games, 2D card games are very easy to create. 

There are even card game engines, where you can create your own 2D card game using a standard deck. You make the rules and the engine will supply you with the cards and animations. You can test the game immediately and see whether the rules are fair and the system is working. 

Better Refereeing

Card game tournaments, in person and online, need referees. Today, referees are actually systems which help the dealers and other involved parties spot cheaters and anyone who might be trying to sway the odds in their favor by using methods which are not appreciated. 

Cheaters will be spotted from the first moment that they show that they are helping someone or getting a helping hand from a device or another person. Better cameras and monitoring systems help keep card games somewhat fair. 

Online Card Games

Communities grow and shift to a more digital presence. Online card games allow players to always have someone to play with, even if that someone is in a different time zone, thousands of miles away. 

Online card games basically allow everyone to play almost any card game and always have the company to do so. Some have implemented chat and voice chat, to enhance the gameplay and bring back some of the socializing that would otherwise be lost. 

The Possibility of VR Card Games

This is probably the next step in improving card games, specifically online card games. VR gaming should make everything easier for the player who wants an immersive and realistic experience, but without organizing a card night. 

VR would enable socialization and immersion in a way which was unavailable prior to its implementation, other than the real thing, of course. 

Technology improves everything, from the food we eat, the water we drink, to the games we play. Technology improved card games, even though most thought that they didn’t need any improvement. The future of playing cards is looking better by the day.

What Are Some Great Card Games You Can Play Online?

When we think about card games, we think about games like poker, blackjack, bridge and more. However, there are more than just standard card games. Games like UNO and Magic: The Gathering, among many others, have surfaced, changing the way we think about card games.

Some would rather play them in person and for some of these games, it is possible to play them in person, while others are just digital games. Here are some amazing card games that you can play online.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Out of the depths of the Witcher 3, came a card game as a standalone game. CD Projekt Red rarely fails to deliver and Gwent is one of those games that is simply astounding. A walking meme at this point, Geralt would stop during a universe-ending crisis to play a game of Gwent.

Being so popular the mini-game was turned into an actual game, where players would be able to compete in Gwent. With regular updates and changes, the game stays fresh and interesting.

The object of the game is to have a higher number than the opposing player in a best of three format. You are dealt 10 cards and you can play only those cards and your leader card, for three rounds. You can pass the round at any time.

Legends of Runeterra

When Riot Games actually decided to become Riot GameS, releasing more than a single game, they released multiple games at once. Legends of Runeterra was one of those games. The goal is to build a decent deck and crush the opponent. The game is fluid and nicely animated and crafting the cards is relatively simple and quick. The game is available on mobile devices.

If you like the League of Legends universe, then this is the card game for you.


This game is lovely because it doesn’t make the player go through hoops and spend real-life money in order to build a deck, unlike Hearthstone. This game has a lovely and fluid system which is user-friendly. PVE is available if the player doesn’t want to compete against other people. 

As a card game with its own anime, Shadowverse is doing a great job of not selling out, so to say. 


This one had to make the list. While it is not a modern card game, it is probably harder to master than all the other games on this list. Bridge is a great game that you can actually play online. The game might not be as fun online as it is in person, but it is still challenging and will make you work for every trick.

Try and find good sites that provide you with actual people to play bridge with, because playing with an AI is nothing like playing with real people. 

These are some of the best modern and overall interesting card games that you can play online at any time. Take your pick but know that there are many more, even though these ones should satisfy any beginner. 

Popular Card Games That You Can Play Online

Games like card games are relatively popular nowadays. They aren’t as popular as video games lotteries – especially online played with PA iLottery Bonus Code or similar promotions, that is for sure, but they are popular enough that they are played by a large number of the population. 

Card games typically require us to socialize, but with how technology has advanced, that might not be the case. There is an easy way to get around it and that is to play card games online. While you might still play against people, you don’t have to see or talk to them.

There are plenty of popular card games online, but here are the most popular ones.


This isn’t a game that you should play online, due to the nature of the game. It should be played in person, typically with four people or more. You can play contract bridge or duplicate bridge if you want to really test your skill and that of everyone else. 

Bridge can be played online, through various sites and applications, like Bridge Base Online or FunBridge. Both offer both gameplay against real people and against AI if you want to learn how to play the game. It is a great opportunity to learn how to play the game, if you must use the internet for it.


Poker is another popular game that can be played online. There are several types of poker that you can play, from standard to Texas hold ‘em and even video poker. Make sure to know the rules before you start playing. You can play poker against AI, for practice, against real people. You can also play for fun, or even stake real money when playing. Poker is difficult and playing online removes the element of psychology, which basically leaves you guessing most of the time.  

Solitaire (Klondike)

Solitaire is a family of card games that you can play on your own. There are a plethora of such games, the most popular one being Klondike, which was popularized by Microsoft in the 1990s under the name of Solitaire. Other such games include games like pyramid, freecell, spider solitaire, and more. There are many sites and applications which allow you to play games such as these, to take your pick.


You can find many blackjack versions online, from simple ones to its variants. You can also play blackjack for real money, or simply to practice. There are many sites that offer blackjack as a game. Some of them are casinos, so be careful where you decide to play. 


Hearts is a fun 4-player game where the object of the game is to have the least points possible at the end of the round. Hearts was a popular game, also brought to the limelight by Microsoft, as a part of the games that were available with early versions of Windows in the 1990s.

These are some of the most popular card games that you can play online, solo and against AI and actual people. Take your pick and have fun!

Is Playing Card Games Online Better Than Playing Card Games in Person?

Card games are fun to play. The best way to play card games is in person, of course, right? Some will argue otherwise and there will be good arguments for both for and against playing in person. Playing card games online has become a norm nowadays, like most things. You can open an application and play a game, having your daily fix of whichever card game you enjoy.

But is that the point? For some people, it might be. For others, card games are about socialization. Here is my opinion on whether it is better to play card games in person or online.

Online is More Practical

There is no way around it. If you just want to play a card game and you don’t care who with, even an AI, connecting to the internet and opening an application or website is the way to do it. 

Some people who like playing cards don’t have the time to actually meet with friends and play on a regular basis. In that case, playing online makes the most sense.

You can play a game while commuting or while on a break, which wouldn’t be possible if you wanted to play in person. 

Playing in Person Is Much Better

When you play cards in person, you don’t just play cards, you socialize. As social beings, we need other people to talk to and have fun with. Cards are often very fun and when we share that fun with others, we can make a good day a better one or any type of day a good one.

Cards are a social activity for most people and not one where you simply want to play cards. Even though card games can be fun, interacting and playing with others is what makes 90% of the fun. When you introduce a social aspect, almost everything becomes more entertaining.

Both Are Valid

Playing cards in person or online doesn’t really matter in the end if you like playing cards. Some people don’t have the time or have friends who are continents away. Playing online seems like the most logical thing for them. When you play online, you can meet new people and then have frequent game nights with them. Yes, it would be online, but it would still be a game night.

Playing in person is also a great choice, if you have people to play with. If not, card clubs exist, where all sorts of card games are played, from more traditional card games to trading card games and other more complex innovations like Magic: The Gathering. 

Whether online or in person, playing card games is the goal, so choose whatever works best for you. 

The Differences Between Online and Offline Poker

Games have become different nowadays and what we used to know as regular games have now become digital games. Video games have changed how we play and how we socialize. Card and board games have drastically changed and most people prefer playing video games online rather than playing them in person.

Poker is one of those games that people still prefer playing in person, even though online variants have been available for a long time. The differences between the games can be huge, but also subtle. Here are some of the major differences between the two games.

Online Poker is Practical

Practicality is important in today’s world. Everybody is rushing to get somewhere and with that, it is important to get things done quickly. People talk to other people on the go and they rarely take the time to stop and slow down. This is where online poker fits in perfectly, as a way to play a game of poker relatively quickly. You simply choose an application or website, log in, deposit some money and start playing. Online poker has everything that you want from poker except…

Socialization is Missing

While online poker is practical, it’s missing that one thing that poker was always about, the human factor. A game of poker can change directions in a matter of minutes, if one person assumes a different body position or facial expression. Bluffing, being overly confident, playing psychological games with the competition, this is a huge part of poker.

When you take a look at online poker, none of these things are an option. Players are just names on a rendered table. Telling who is bluffing or who is serious about their hand is next to impossible, which makes online poker much more dangerous.

Online Poker Has More Variety

Given the fact that we can store infinite amounts of data on various storage units, having a multitude of poker variants at your disposal is easier than teaching all your friends to play a different poker game every other week. 

The world is huge and how huge can be found out by queueing for a poker match and instantly finding players to play with. 

Regular Poker Is Still A Favorite

Online poker tournaments are not uncommon, yet people want to watch live poker tournaments, in person and otherwise. There are plenty of international poker tournaments, and they are typically not the same variant of poker. Regular poker tournaments are much more exciting than online poker tournaments. 

You can see the players, sweating, fake-sweating, trying to fool others and find hints of who is actually winning. Online poker removes that tension and makes the game duller, and more of a game of chance than it should be.

Both Are Great

Both online and offline poker are great, simply because they fill a different need in a huge market. Some people have time and patience and will opt for regular poker while others just need a quick game while they are waiting for something.

Whichever type of poker one chooses to play, there is no wrong answer, at least not in general. There might be a wrong answer in a given context, but not in general.

The differences between online and offline poker are not that many, though they are big enough to validate both games and take nothing away from the other.