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ABOUT THE CLUB Disciplinary Policy By-Laws

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 Ace, king, queen, jack, ten of hearts




     3900 Wood Duck Drive, Suite C .... 

     Take Veterans Parkway (IL Route 4) to Mathers Road.
     (at the stoplight at the intersection of Veterans Parkway, Prairie Crossing Rd. 
     and Mathers Rd.   across from Meijers, Steak N Shake and O'Charley's).
     Go 0.7 mile west to Wood Duck Road 
     (behind former Arizona Tile location, presently STUDIO 59;
     you'll see a big blue  water tower getting closer to you as you drive).
     Turn right onto Wood Duck Road, and turn right into the 2nd parking 
     lot on the right at 3900.
     If you reach a stop sign (3-way stop) at a T junction, you've gone a little too far.
     No worries; just turn around and look for the first street on the left. Make a Left
     at this street (Wood Duck Road), and park behind the first building on the right.

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Need Directions to the Bridge Center? ... try "Driving Directions" at MAPQUEST.COM

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Scheduled Events - Games Six Days a Week

     Morning  Game 

          Saturday (1000pts) at 9:00 am 

     Afternoon Open Games

          Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 pm 

     Afternoon Novice Game

          Monday (49pts) at 12:30 pm 

          Thursday (299pts) at 12:30 pm 

     Evening Open Games

          Monday at 6:30 pm 

     Evening Novice Games

          Monday (299pts) at 6:30 pm

          Tuesday (750pts) at 6:30 pm >

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     The fee for a regularly scheduled game is $6 per player.
     Special events may have special fees.

Need A Partner?

     We have a partner for You!   Please phone Betty Primm at 217-341-6554 
     for afternoon games, and Carol Vanek at 217-816-9570 for morning and evening 
     games.  Also, phone the Bridge Center at 217-726-9456 and leave a message.

New players are welcome. Remember... "SMILE AT PARTNER"

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dealing a hand

About the Club

Hello and Welcome

We are truly pleased that you have come to visit the Bridge 
Center web site. We would love for you to join us in playing 
this great game of bridge!

Our new member packet includes a publication called "Adventures in Duplicate Bridge," a game schedule, a phone list with players that would love to see you at the table, and all the information on how we can help you get started. We have partners for you!

Many of our players feel that the Bridge Center is "their home away from home." We hope that you too will feel the same way as you meet new friends and renew old acquaintances, all while playing bridge in a social and fun environment.

Whether you are just new to the game or coming back to play after an absence of months or years, we want to extend you a warm welcome. The Bridge Center can provide you lots of fun, friends, lessons, a relaxing atmosphere, and opportunities to exercise your mind and spirit while starting or continuing your bridge journey. What a great game it is, fun for a lifetime!

Come join us, we are looking forward to seeing you at the table!

We have all kinds of people that are looking forward to meeting you and that would love to become your partner. The game schedule has all the times we play (7 days a week!). Take a look at our List of Members link and start counting these people as your new found friends and your bridge group.

The Bridge Center has two important rules:

Rule 1 - Smile at Partner and have fun!
Rule 2 - See Rule 1

Give us a call, we are looking forward to meeting you!


Your Bridge Center Friends
Membership Chair

Board Members
        President.................... Fred Roese 
        Vice President............... Peggy Olds e-mail
        Treasurer.................... Ann Caparros e-mail
        Secretary.................... Rhonda Berberet e-mail
        Membership Chair............. Carolyn Vanek e-mail
        Public Relations Chair....... Jackie Weatherford e-mail 
        Hospitality Chair............ Betty Primm
        Tournaments Chair............ Mike Bowers e-mail
* * * * * * *

        Club Manager................. Ann Caparros e-mail
        Sectional Tournament ........  
        Abe Lincoln Bridge Club ..... John Parsons
April 2012 Letter from Board to Members
Dear Bridge Club Member,
We are all very happy and proud of our Bridge Center.  The added 
influx of new players has increased enthusiasm and enjoyment for 
As with any organization that grows, there are changes that need 
to be made to assure that growth and prosperity continue.  We are 
always so proud to hear the comments from outside bridge players 
saying what a friendly and nice group of people we have at our 
We want our bridge games to be an enjoyable experience for all 
levels of players.  We are striving to provide a happy, friendly, 
well-mannered and user friendly environment that will be a second 
home for you and your friends.
To achieve the type of friendly atmosphere we desire, we all need 
to exhibit the following good behaviors which will add to everyone's 
enjoyment of the game.
	-  Greet others in a friendly manner.
	-  Be a good host or guest at the table.
	-  Praise the bidding and/or play of the opponents.
	-  Avoid discussion of hands, bidding, play, or results of 
           a board which may be overheard by others that haven't 
           played that board.
	-  Smile at partner.
	-  Call the Director whenever there is a question or concern, 
           the Director is here to help.
A couple of tips on bridge etiquette:

1.  If you are on opening lead, LEAD, then write in your personal score card.

2.  If you are North, record the results on the Bridge Pad, then hand 
    to either one of the opponents for their OK.  The opponent passes 
    the Bridge Pad to South, who in turn will pass to the other opponent.  
    North should write in their personal score card after recording on the 
    Bridge Pad.

3.  Do NOT read aloud the results, just look at the Bridge Pad, then 
    pass the Bridge Pad around. See 2 above.

4.  Get the boards turned and ready for the next board.  

5.  Avoid discussion of hands, bidding, play, or results of a board which 
    may be overheard by others that havenít played that board.

6.  Bridge is a timed event; it is only courteous that you and your 
    partner take only the allotted time.


Disciplinary Policy

Club By-Laws

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