How to Play UNO: Here Are The Rules

Card games are popular and we tend to play them to socialize. Some card games are more popular than others, with bridge, blackjack and poker sitting at the top. However, younger people do not like playing games which are too complicated. This is where card games such as UNO come in.

Interested in the rules? Look no further!

UNO – The Rules

UNO is a game that uses a deck with 112 cards and is typically played with three other people. The cards are as follows. There are 19 number cards ranging from 0 to 9, for each of the four colors. The colors are blue, green, red and yellow. There are 8 skip cards, 2 cards per color. The game also has 8 reverse and 8 draw 2 cards, each color having two cards. The game also has 4 wild cards and 4 wild draw cards.

The Object of the Game

The game is won by getting 500 points. In order to win points, the player must not have any cards in their hand. Every player starts with 7 cards, dealt by the player who got the highest number card from the deck. Once the cards are dealt, the top most card is picked, and is added to the DISCARD pile. The rest of the cards are turned face down and are then considered the DRAW pile.


The game is played clockwise, with each player having to match the card on the DISCARD pile, which is facing up, by number or color. The draw cards force the next player in line to draw more cards. The reverse card reverses the order of play. Draw cards can be matched by the same draw cards, thus making the next person in line drawing the sum of the card’s amount. 

If the player has no card to match the topmost DISCARD pile card, they have to draw a card and play it. If they don’t draw a matching card, they lose a turn.

Wild Cards and Skip Cards

Wild cards can change the color of play. Wild draw cards do the same, but they have to have a matching card in the deck, or rather, a card they would be able to otherwise play. Illegally placed cards can be challenged. 

A successful challenge makes the person committing the illegal action draw 4 cards while a failed one makes the person who challenged draw 6 cards. The challenge can be made by only the person who initially had to draw the 4 cards.

Skip cards make the next person skip their turn.

The Endgame

When a player has only one remaining card in their hands, they need to say UNO. If they don’t and the other players are aware of it, they have to draw 4 more cards. The player who has no cards remaining gets a set number of points, based on the remaining cards in the other players’ hands. 

UNO is a great game that is very easy to pick up and even easier to play. It can get very competitive, so pay attention to your friends. It is a great pastime and a good way to socialize.