Is Bridge Popular in the USA Today?

Card games are not as popular as we might think, right? Well, it can be true, but in the case of bridge, it is one of the most played card games in the world. Bridge is a popular game, though its popularity is not the same all over the world.

Bridge is a game that was once very popular in the United States. What about today? There is a lot of internet gaming nowadays. Do people even spend time together, let alone playing a card game for hours?

Yes, they do. The situation has changed a bit, but bridge is still doing good in the US. Here is how good it is doing.

The Game is “Slowly Dying Out”

Bridge is said to be slowly dying in the US. That isn’t true, but it is also true in a sense. Most of the legendary and older players, who have been carrying the torch of bridge, are near the end of their days. Some of them are still around and playing, but for how long?

Bridge has been around for more than a century in the United States and has been popular since the very beginning of the 20th century. While it is true that the legendary players who brought fame to bridge and vice versa, are very old, new generations are still here, and they are eager to learn.

A Contributing Factor to Both Growth and Loss

Today’s world is digital, in the sense that most people prefer using the internet rather than doing things in person, if they can avoid it. The same is true for bridge. While decreasing in popularity, it is also still played, though the statistics have shifted. 

Most younger players prefer using the internet to learn and play, to get over the obstacles of having to go to a club. This often has to do with both social anxiety and practicality. Not every town has a club, but every town has an internet connection. Online bridge isn’t completely the same as regular bridge, particularly because the game is supposed to be played in person, with constant communication.

The Youth Are Still Eager

While the numbers are decreasing, or so it would seem, bridge is played in local clubs by the younger and the older. There are specific youth bridge clubs, where the young will be with their peers, at least generation-wise. Those who learn how to play move on to play cross-generational bridge, which is how the torch is eventually passed to a new and eager generation of bridge players.

More and more youth clubs are popping up all over the United States, making sure that the torch of bridge reaches a new generation in person, even though the internet is helping secure some part of the playerbase. 

Bridge is still very popular in the United States, albeit it probably isn’t as popular as it was about 50 years ago. There is a new generation of players being taught, so the game will be there for any minds eager to learn.