Solitaire: What Is It, Where To Play It and Why Is It So Fun?

Most new users will not remember a Windows game from the early days called Solitaire. It is a simple game, a card game. But, most people will not know its history or where it came from. Older Microsoft Windows users will know about the solitaire game, especially when you finish the game and the cards start swirling around, only to be greeted by an error and a system freeze.

Anyway, here is everything that you should know about the card game solitaire, which is actually a different card game – as it is known under a different name.

Solitaire – It’s Actually Klondike

Solitaire games are any type of games that you can play on your own, specifically card games. So, any card game that can be played alone is a game of solitaire.

Klondike is a type of solitaire, also known as patience (which is its European term), a game that is well-known to most 90s Windows users, and above. 

During the 90s, Microsoft added Klondike under the name of Solitaire, as a free game with its operating system. Solitaire is still there, under a different name, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which has many card games that the user can play alone. 

The Rules of the Game

Solitaire or rather, Klondike, is a simple game where the goal is to match the cards in order, but the rules for stacking the cards are not as simple, cards can only be stacked from king to number one, while only using opposing colors, a black king and a red queen. But, when it comes to actually winning the game, the cards need to be stacked from ace up to the king, but all of the same suit. 

The game starts by having seven pillars of cards, left to right, growing larger, each having one card turned facing you. The first pillar has one card, while each pillar to the right has one more card, all of which but the first are turned back.

The remaining cards are in the deck and they can be dealt three at a time, with the rightmost card being the only viable one to play until removed. 

The game ends when the player stacks all the cards according to their suit or when the player cannot make any more legal moves.

Where to Play “Solitaire”?

If you look up solitaire on Google, you will find that it is playable right on the search engine page. The next result will take you to a solitaire-dedicated site, where you can play solitaire, or rather, klondike. 

A site called world of solitaire offers all types of solitaire games, from regular klondike to games such as spider solitaire, freecell, pyramid and even hearts. All of these games can be played online for free, on sites which are built using Javascript, most likely. Some sites have ads, but they are not intrusive and will not be in the playing field.

This is everything you should know about solitaire games, and the one that is included with Windows, klondike.