The Most Popular Card Games

We know how to play card games, or at least some of them. Not all card games are remotely similar, even though they might be using a similar deck. A 52 deck is a standard deck but it also doesn’t have to be. There are games that don’t use standard decks, but use their own special decks. 

There are a plethora of card games that play in their own way, never like we expect them to. Some of these card games are so complicated that they take a lot of time to even become familiar with the basics and only then do you realize how complicated they actually are. 

However, not all complicated games are popular.

In fact, most popular card games are relatively simple. Here is a list of the most popular card games.


UNO is at the top of the most popular card games that are played today. This is one of those games that uses its own special decks, with cards that are matched according to symbol or otherwise color. 

UNO is a great game to play at parties and is actually one of those games that created a living meme, namely the Reverse UNO trap card. UNO is very simple to play and will always be. 

Adapted variants of UNO using a standard 52 deck exist and have a different name in every country.


Poker will always be among the most popular card games. It is a game of skill, to a certain point, but also a game of psychology. Your expressions, real or fake, can tell stories of their own, should you master them. 

Poker is a great game to be played in the company of others, particularly if there is actual money involved. Poker has its own World Championships, not to mention local tournaments. Playing in high stakes poker matches is like playing at the Olympics, really difficult to win and against tough, seasoned opponents. 


Blackjack is among the simplest of all the card games. You get a number of cards and you say hit me, to see whether you have reached 21. If you have reached 21 and the house hasn’t, you won. Going over 21 immediately disqualifies the player. 

Blackjack can have huge payouts if you know what you’re doing. 


Bridge is one of those games that falls under the category of skill, particularly if you count duplicate bridge. It is a great card game, often played by the elderly, mostly because matches last long. It is one of the only co-op card games.

These are the world’s most popular card games at the moment.