What is the Best Way to Learn How to Play Bridge?

Like most games, bridge can be easy or harder to learn. While it wouldn’t be strictly easy to pick up, there are easier ways to get around to learning something that appears to be very complex, meaning bridge.

The best way to approach such a topic would be to find experts on the topic and to learn from them, right? Well, it depends on whether you have any experts near you. While popular, there aren’t bridge clubs everywhere.

Consider the following ways as the best ones to learn bridge.

Join a Bridge Club

Given the nature of the game, bridge should be learned in a bridge club, where multiple others will be playing the game. You can learn directly from experts or people who are very good at the game. Another thing to note is that the people playing in bridge clubs will have already taught others, meaning that teaching another newcomer shouldn’t be a challenge. 

Due to bridge being a social game, a club should be your priority. 

Learning from Friends

If you know people who are familiar with bridge and know how to play it, then you should definitely consider learning from them. Learning bridge from a familiar face might be less threatening than learning from a bunch of elderly people at a club. 

All jokes aside, it is always good to play something new in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, though most bridge clubs are just that, except that you wouldn’t know the people.

Learning Online

The internet is the place to go if you have no other choice. There are a plethora of bridge applications and sites which can teach you how to play the game for free. Some sites allow playing against other people while others are exclusively there to pit you against an AI and teach you how to play. Bridge games can be found for free all over the internet and by simply playing the game, you will eventually learn it.

While this might not be the most optimal way to approach learning how to play any card game, it is probably the most time-effective, provided that the game gives you good tips.

Bridge can be learned in many ways, the most optimal one involving going to a bridge club. You can learn from friends or by using the internet and any of these are a viable option.